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Wicked wet weather keeps officials wary

Published Wednesday January 18

Photo: Losaltosonline

A man walks in the rain at Hillview Community Center Jan. 7.

Recent rainy weather has meant green grass, rainbows and some drought relief, but it’s also kept local emergency officials on their toes.

“The storm definitely created an uptick in calls and the number of trees down, the number of branches down,” commented Captain Scott McCrossin of the Los Altos Police Department.

He’s referring to the wicked weekend weather of Jan. 7-8, when winds in parts of Santa Clara County climbed to more than fifty miles per hour and a deluge of rain caused street flooding and power outages. Between six in the morning Jan. seven and six in the morning Jan. nine the Los Altos Police Department received 120 calls for service, 21 attributed to storms.

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